REAL OR BUBBLE’’ Hyderabad real estate?

Hyderabad, a densely populated city and a major IT/ITeS hub, is fast transforming into a mega-city with high livability index. 

There was a drastic change from the last 9 year(2009-2018). State bifurcation has also been a cause which boosted confidence among the people and investors. But the actual problem was not yet solved. This made fear of the investors from coastal with their statements of taking back their investment which had made Hyderabad real estate to slow down dramatically. The after effects were adversely affected the people. But the formed new government in 2015, announced major infrastructural projects like Project Mission Bhagirathi water grid, Kalleshwarm project for electricity, Haritha Haram to protect green cover by way of putting saplings for next 10 years and also uninterrupted electricity supply to all the industries and citizens of Hyderabad.Couple of major reforms likes Demonetization and implementation of GST; Hyderabad market has not impacted as much as its peer market.All these things were attributed by good number of employments and reformation by Local govt and thereby constantly negative sentiment changing to a positive one.

The sorrows are not for a long time. Hyderabad has been emerged as one of the most sought after location by IT /ITES after Bangalore. Since the city of Hyderabad is said to be IT driven market and IT being present in western corridor, this made the investors to choose Hyderabad.There was a little hike in the price un real estate market. The residential price moved significantly from an average price of 4000/sqft in Gachibowli to a 5200/-sqft average in the month of March 2018. And this time the price hike was not just from one pocket of Gahibowli or Madhapur, the price was going up in all the locations of Hyderabad. Price of real estate was growing length and breadth of city rather than only Western corridor of Hyderabad. This was never a case for even during 2000-2009 market boom periods.

When the land price of Hyderabad is going high in corners of the city, the price movement is the thing failed to figure out. But with more meaningful approach we found that the price rice was due to long due from last 10 years. All we are thinking is the market too much of bubble or is It healthy now? According to my deep analysis from last 15 years, Hyderabad market is looking pretty in terms of demand and supply for residential homes.Hyderabad being the 2nd best city for its road infrastructure after NCR coupled with Proactive Govt and It’s industrial policy make much sense for it its resilience in any adverse conditions.A big push by govt for Pharma Sector by putting Pharma City in 16000 acres of land in outskirt of Hyd, Bulk drugs and  Medical device  Park  will soon join the sprint by generating thousands of employment in Hyderabad. The robust fundamental and good governance will certainly be promising for the next few years.

The price movement of Hyderabad whatever we see has not yet factored with the future employment , this is just a tip of Iceberg .we will see real growth in coming days. The majority of growth will be coming from IT /ITES, Pharma and Electronic industries. The RERA law, would boost the market in a significant way. The results of this law might fase out all the small time builders. Incorporating this law may lead to the huge improvement in the real estate market in the coming future. Prior to this advancement the Hyderabad government is also taking serious actions on the lake conservation practices to make it a tourist destination. It is also into practice in some other enhancements to retain the 111GO status to protect conservation zone and to do this it is planning to develop the amusement and jogger parks around gandipet lake. This major move undertaken by the government results in the protection of water and nature conservation policies.